Club Events and Trips

At Aldridge Sailing Club we organise regular social events throughout the year such as quiz nights, themed evenings, pub games evenings and more! During the summer we also have several club trips / camping weekends to places including Clywedog, Bala and Southport (for the 24 hour race).

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Events @ ASC

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2018 was the first time we visited Clywedog Sailing Club. We were made very welcome and will be visiting a couple of times this year.

Clywedog Trip 2018

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The Southport 24 hour race (Officially - West Lancs Yacht Club 24 hour race) is an annual endurace race where teams all aim to keep their boat sailing for 24 hours, from 12:00 on Saturday to 12:00 on Sunday. In 2017, Aldridge Sailing Club won the Dogwatch Trophy for the Dusk Race (the fastest lap next after 20:00hrs) and finished 47th overall. In 2018, we entered two teams into the race with A team (Nordoc) finishing at 65th and B team (Clockwork Orange) finishing at 38th. 

Southport 24 hour race

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